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The customs clearance department is one section of our comprehensive inter-connected service chain. The customs clearance department has a tenacious team that is particularly adept at working under extreme pressure. Our company has several clearance and inspection teams that boast abundant experience and outstanding ability. They have strong ability in import and export customs clearance, and an extremely high clearance release rate - as well as well as a sound reputation among Customs and the Commodity Inspection Bureau. They can provide you with advantageous operations / rates from Shanghai to all over the world, accompanied by the most reliable and high-quality service available.
All of the projects of the customs declaration department are carried out according to strict operational standards. They are able to quickly and accurately manage import and export customs declaration and clearance procedures. Their pricing is reasonable, service consummate, and are able to immediately return the verification form to clients once their goods are exported. At the same time, they can provide a large number of representative customs inspection, recording and yearly examination registration, etc. They take responsibility for all of the organization, verification, preparation, delivery to customs, duty refunds, alterations, etc. In order to provide shipping, air freight, and import and export customs declaration, they have a high ability in import / export declarations. They handle around 12000 receipts every month, which is the most of any company at Shanghai port.